November 24, 2009

Thankful for a birthday

I love that the girls have their birthday so close to Thanksgiving.  I can't help but feel how appropriate that is this year.  I look at pictures of their tiny little bodies in the NICU a year ago and find myself praising and THANKING God for the strong, healthy, energetic, sweet little girls He has given us.  God is so good! 

A year ago, our world changed completely as we welcomed these sweet babies into our family

Not the time or the way we would have planned



Not the size we thought they would be




But God has been so faithful





We pray that they will passionately love Christ and have gentle, humble hearts that desire to serve Him.
They have been such happy, content babies and we pray that contenment in what God has for them will be a characteristic that they always possess. 

Happy First Birthday KK and KR!

November 16, 2009

There is Nothing

... like a good book shared with a best friend/sister.

November 14, 2009

He did it

the middle man is riding on just two wheels!

this was a huge accomplishment for him

and as you can see

he is quite thrilled about it

We waited FOREVER for the big man to get home from school

to tell and show him the great news

in wonderful, big brother fashion he was thrilled for his brother

and immediately began helping him get going and then hopping on his own bike to ride

the three of them "rode" (one may  have been more scouting) all the rest of the afternoon

There is no looking back now!

Oh, and by today

...he could get himself started :)

November 13, 2009


Funny thing.

I was recently thinking how I never see frogs around here.

The next thing I know, I am in the basement and my middle man tells me he sees a frog.

I assume he either means one that is not real or one he saw outside, but no, it was indeed a frog our basement

...and we have no idea how it got there.

Now, as I said, we do not see many of these.  So, my boys do not have much frog experience.

The middle man has since developed quite the fascination.

He caught that frog and put it outside for me.  This first time, he did not want to use his hands.

Only days later, another frog shows up.

This time there is no fear of using least for the middle man :)

Oh, and this one, was outside!

This boy is becoming so sweet and tenderhearted.  He had great concern for leaving his new found friend alone outside, to the point of tears over it.  Lately he is brought quickly to tears out of concern for people while watching a movie or reading a book if that person is sad or alone.  I am so thankful to see this tenderness in him as only a year ago we were praying that God would develop that in his heart because we were concerned about the lack of it that we saw.  How wonderful it is to see God work in the heart of your child!

Oh, and frogs are pretty great too!

November 12, 2009


...these boys love their sisters

During the stretch when the kids were sick with some nasty stuff, everyone had high temps, and my hubby was gone, the big man (even not feeling well himself) was such a big help with his sisters.  Here he was holding KR as she had a high temp and just wanted to be held.

He even put her to sleep...

The boys just love to play with these two little girls and as you can see

...these little girls love to have those brothers play with them.

November 10, 2009

Almost A Year

I can not believe how fast the last year has gone!  I have been doing much refelcting lately as our baby girls rapidly approach their first birthday.

Only 12 days

Till our little sweeties turn 1!

And they can stand now...they have gotten even more steady since I took these. This is KR

 KK even figured out today how to stand up all by herself in the middle of a room

They definitely like to be Mommy's little helpers

"So Big" is a big hit with both of them

...and they love to clap after they do it

On last one of KR, because it is so sweet.  She always rubs her head and plays with her hair when she has a bottle

Part of me just hates to see them have to get bigger and part of me can't wait to see the ways they grow and change and how they will interact with each other and their brothers!

November 3, 2009

Aren't These

...about the cutest little hats ever?!

The girls were quite fascinated with each other.

Despite the cuteness, little miss KK didn't not think it was a good idea to leave it on.


November 2, 2009

They do

...find many ways to get into trouble.

But they sure are sweet, aren't they?