November 29, 2007

Traveling Times

The Friday before Thanksgiving we took off from home and started a week long trip. First we hit Jamestown and watched the Kenmare volleyball team win the semi-final game in the State Tournament (they went on to win it!). Then we stayed a night in Fargo and continued on to my sister's house. We stayed there for two nights. That is always a good time as their oldest is 10 months younger than our oldest and they are best buddies. The boys had a great time there, and so did we! The reason we went down there was to visit some friends who lost their infant son in July. On Sunday we went to visit with them for a few hours while my sister and her husband watched out kids. That was a huge help to us, thanks guys! Anyway, we had a good visit, as good as it can be. Many tears were shed (at least on my part) but we were glad to be able to go see them. It was a huge encouragement to us when people took time out of their lives to come an visit us after we lost Micah, so we wanted to be able to do that for them. Please pray for them as they struggle along on this journey they didn't choose. They are in a rough stretch right now. People tend to kind of forget more, they don't call as much and are never sure what to say. That is no one's fault, it is just they way life is. They could really use your prayer.

From my sister's we went to spend one night with some friends we had not seen a a long time. It was so great to see them again! They have a son who we had never met. He is such a sweetie! They are the kind of friends who, no matter how long it has been since we've seen them we just pick up where we left off.

Then our travels took us up to Todd's sister's new house. They just built it so the Erickson family christened it by having Thanksgiving there this year. We had a blast as all of Todd's sisters and their kids were there, only one brother-in-law was unable to make it. We did some crazy early morning shopping, played games, ate a lot and just enjoyed hanging out with each other. It was sad to see it all end but nice to head home again when we left the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
These pictures are kind of out of order but, oh well.

Here are all the boys, minus babies at Todd's sister's house. Cousin Fun!

Here are "all" the girls. Do you see a difference in ratio?

Here are all the Erickson grandkids on earth.

Here is the rest of the boy crew, only 5 weeks apart.

Grandpa and Grandma with the crew.

Here are the boys cousins on the Weinert side, they had a blast!Never fear when these three are near!

This is a pic of our boys with our friends' little guy.

Grandpa having some sweet moments with his grandkids.

Thanksgiving meal, where are you?

Fun Pics

Here are a few pics I had to share from a few weeks ago.

Here Caleb decided on his own to help Noah button his jammies. He went over to him and said, "Let me help you there little trooper." Very sweet moment!!
Noah works very hard at making his bed.
Elijah's first encounter with our kitten.

We took the boys swimming a couple weeks ago. They had a blast!

It was Elijah's first time and he loved it. The water at this place is like bath water, very warm.

November 14, 2007

Logan the Sky Angel Cowboy

You've got to check this out. It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, the kid is 13 years old. If you were here earlier, we've updated the link and it works again.

November 13, 2007

My Grandparents are Blogging!

I am very proud to say that my grandparents have a blog! They are doing a great job, especially considering this is the first time they have ever used a computer. Check it out and leave them a comment. You may want to explain who you are.:)

November 9, 2007

October 31st we held our first ever T.H.I.S. Carnival. T.h.i.s. is the name of our youth group, it stands for True Hope In Scripture. Our youth helped us put on a carnival for the community at our church. It was a huge hit! We had between 65 and 70 kids come and all of them heard the Gospel as they had to have their hand or face painted before they could get a pass to go play the games. Some of our Christian Youth in Action teens did the painting and they are trained to share the Gospel while painting using the colors of the paint to do it. They did a great job and we had a couple decisions that night. At the carnival we had games , inflatable games, free cotton candy, a cake walk and they each got a big bag of candy as they left. It was a great time and an opportunity to bring some light to a night that has much darkness. It is Todd and my conviction to try to do something to bring God glory on Halloween. We have heard of the great acts (and there are many!) of darkness that take place on that day and the night before and we want to see it be a day that Christians claim for Christ. There is a lot of evil(I am not referencing kids trick-or-treating, but acts of pure evil and satanic intent) that goes on and I am sure Satan just loves it but what a slap to the face when the Gospel gets shared with 70 people on that night. So hats off to all the churches and believers out there who instead of just shaking their heads at it, complaining about it or just thinking nothing of it, are instead shining Christ's light boldly on that night every year, or partaking in something that does so.

Here is our football and baseball players.
Lots of fun games, the youth did a great job!

Here is the 16 foot slide that had a long line all night.

Bath buddies, the "big" boys were pretty excited to have little brother join them.
This last weekend I went to visit my parents in Minnesota. We had a great time. My brother and his family were moving into an apartment so we were able to help with that. We got to visit with my grandparents before they left for the winter and we got to hang out with my parents which is always a treat. On fun thing we were able to do was go to the play "Grease" at the local high school. My second cousins had big roles in it and did a fantastic job. It was so fun to watch. We also got to see the first snow of the year as we woke up to white ground the morning we were leaving. The boys were super excited. Thankfully it snowed here Thursday morning so they got to play in it a little since we had to go and couldn't play in it that day.

Not a great picture but this is the play and both of my cousins are in the pic

Sweet times with Grandpa!

Saying goodbye to Great Grandpa and Grandma

Snow! Oh how I love it!