February 23, 2011


Sadly, this blog a has been a little neglected.  I figured the best way to get back at it was some randomness to show you what we have been up to.  So what have we been doing?

Trying to get good picture of everyone.  Getting a good picture of all 5 has become quite the challenge!  We are making good memories though :)

Snuggling with bears better known as "puppies" to these two

Visiting with good friends

Accomplishing a decent picture of everyone
 Thinking we are hiding with the grapes we took :)
 Having fun in the snow with family
 Playing with cousins (I loved this one because unintentionally they both posed exactly the same way!)
 Turning new snow shoes into stunt skies on hardened drifts (Middle Man)
 Swimming with friends

 Yelling...just for the pure fun of it! (Don't you love that the word "noise" is in the background?!)
 Being pure sweetness