March 29, 2008

March flys by!

Well, another month has flown by and we are really staring full fledged spring in the face with summer just around the corner. We had a lot of things going on this month and lots of fun. Here are a whole bunch of pics to catch you up on what we've been up to.

We went to Todd's sister's place for a basketball tourny a couple weeks ago. The first day we were there we hit a water park and had a ton of fun.

Here is the little man just hangin out.
This was a great water park, not big but well done. Here is the splash area kids could run around. There were two slides off of it and a big bucket that was dumping like in this pic.

Here are some of the worn out kids eating their lunch.

The boys LOVE to do projects so one day we made some caterpillars. They had a blast with making these.
Our farm was one big puddle for about a week, which of course, the boys loved. Who can resist big puddles, even I enjoyed walking through them.

We had a friend over one day so I made some oobleck. The kids really enjoyed that, and once again, so did I. If you have never played with that I highly recommend it. It is fascinating stuff!

Before we headed east for Easter we colored some eggs at home. Noah was really concentrating, thus the tongue.

Here he is checking out the eggs.

We went to my parents place for Easter. That was a treat as we hadn't been there since Christmas and that is a long time for me! We colored eggs there with my family and extended family.

Lij loved hanging with Grandpa!

What's funny is one by one they all came on their own and sat down together around Grandma. So cute! They were sitting in a perfect circle but I wasn't fast enough on the draw.

Kids Get It

So Caleb comes out of his bedroom this morning holding a piece of paper.

Caleb: I found this in my pocket, I forgot about it. (See picture below)
Me: Did you make that in Cubbies this week?
Caleb: Yeah, it says Micah.
Me: Is it a picture of heaven?
Caleb: Yes, they told us to draw a picture of heaven.
Me: So you drew Micah because he is in heaven?
Caleb: Yep, Sue told me how to spell it. But, I got my "h" a little messed up I couldn't remember what an "h" looked like!

And with that, he went on with his day like it was no big deal. In his world, heaven is very real and his brother is there, end of story. The amazing thing is, two seconds before he came out with that picture I was thinking about Micah because the song "Untitled Hymn" came on. That was a song sung at Micah's funeral. So here we are listening to this song, which always makes us stop and think about our little guy and Caleb comes out with a reminder that we'll be reunited with him one day soon. God is good! and I am so goad he made kids so smart!

March 11, 2008

The Army Crawl

Here is the little man's unique form of mobility. He actually can go pretty fast and gets all over the house.

March 8, 2008

Museums and Messes

Museums -

March 1st was our son Micah's birthday. As birthdays should be a day to celebrate, that is exactly what we do each year on that day. No matter what is going on, we drop everything and spend the whole day, just as a family, doing something fun and celebrating Micah's life. We always talk to the boys about what the day is and why we are doing something fun together. It has become something they look forward to every year. We have already come up with many different things to do over the last few years. This year we headed down to Bismark and ate at the Texas Roadhouse for lunch (yummmm!), then went to the Heritage Center which is basically a museum of North Dakota. From there we made a quick stop at the mall then on to McDonalds and the playland. It was a great day and we had tons of fun! The boys loved the Heritage Center and there was a whole section for kids to play. Here are some pics of our good time there.

The buffalo outside the museum.
The boys got a little horse riding in.

Here was a place you could design your own car. This is the car Caleb made.

Here they are making the car.
The little man woke up and thought he should have a ride too.

Messes -

We have been doing some demolition and new construction in our basement. It is coming along very well and we are extremely excited about how it is turning out! Here are the different phases of the basement so you can see what has been done. I was just down looking at it because Todd just finished gutting the last nasty room down there and everything is open now. It looks so much better! I will show pix of that end later.

Here is part of the laundry room area when we first bought the house. It doesn't quite show the nastiness of it and all the junk that was in there. The shelves to the left were loaded with stuff!

Here is what will be part of the family room and a store room on the end. You can kind of tell here that the cement is very heaved. Todd was jackhammering here.

Here is the same view after some walls have been framed, all the cement hauled out and a trench dug for the drain tile. Also, to the right is the forced air furnace, that is new as well.

Here is the first area again and you can see the one window Todd did and all the lumber waiting.

Here is the new cement just poured and the wall to the right has been torn down.

Here is that first area again with missing wall and all the shelves gone, but huge mess from doing the cement. This was definitely the worse before it gets better stage.

Here the cement is dry and the rooms to the right are framed up. Now there is also a wall at the end of this room for a store room.

Here is part of that first room. This endwill be the laundry room.

Here are the boys' bedrooms. This was the other part of that first area you saw.