January 28, 2009

Lots of Snow & Lots of Kids

That is what we have here now, a crazy lot of snow and a lot of kids (However, that lot of kids is definitely relative, in your world it may be two or maybe twelve). We have been having a blast with both . . . the snow and the kids! Because of all the snow we have all been home a lot, which has been nice. A couple weeks ago we had a "Everyone's been snowed in too long Party" at our house. We ended up with 45 people here and had a great time. However, that crazy snow almost left us with a sleepover of 45 people as our drifted terribly making it very difficult for everyone to get home!

I did make it out one day in the last couple weeks to Minot. I took the girls to the doc and they were up to KK at 8lbs 5oz and 20 3/4 in and KR at 7lbs 6oz and 19 3/4in. Those measurements were a couple weeks ago so I am sure they are bigger now. Every thing with them looked great, and they are growing well. They have been sleeping pretty good at night. Often times it is 5 or 6am before they get up so that is awesome, sometimes earlier but I can live with that. Sometimes though, I can spend the next hour, after the hour I fed them, getting up every few minutes and putting their nuks back in because they don't hold them in well on their own but want them. They are not smiling or laughing yet. You can definitely tell they are premature in that way. KK has smiled a couple times and that is it. They are getting stronger though, especially KR. She can get her chest off the floor pretty good now. The brothers are still quite taken with them so that is fun too.

Our little man ir rapidly increasing his vocab. Tonight his new word was tractor, the day before was "yes" and the day before that "up" and "down". You can tell he enjoys being able to communicate.

I will leave you with one entertaining story courtesy of our big man. He said something the other day about how you get smaller when you are old. HE was telling me that this lady at school must be really old, older than Grandpa cause she is really small. I asked him how old he thought she was. He siad maybe 90 or something, cause she is so small, smaller than Grandpa. So there you go, if you were wondering how to judge age that is how to do it! :)

The kiddos all got athletic clothes from my parents for Christmas. Here are the girls sporting their's. KR, KK

Grandpa and Grandma with the crew

Here is a tunnel Todd and the boys dug in the snow. You can see the opening at the bottom of the pic. There are now several tunnels.



Our big man is a tough cookie when it comes to riding on the sled behind our old John Deere '73 snowmobile. He usually comes in looking like a snowman.

KR showing off.

Gotta love pink with brown! KR, KK

The younger two boys reading together. They play together a lot more now.

The big man loves his Bible and was very into it here.

Little Man's first smore made with dairy free chocolate chips. Needless to say, he loved it!

A little more smore action.

Two months old exactly on the 22nd, KK and KR

The middle man calls this his snowmobile and I pull them around the house. Great thigh workout!

January 6, 2009

Time has flown by and I haven't posted in a while so thought I better let you have a glimpse into life here. We had a fun Christmas with our own family and with Todd's. Christmas eve and day we spent at home and Todd's parents joined us for Christmas eve. Then two of his sisters and their families came and we all had a great time together! Unfortunately, my whole family had the flu bug going around. They were all going to come out for a couple days and instead no one came. It was a bummer but not much anyone could do about it. Either way, we enjoyed our Christmas and during that time were finally able to get the basement carpeted and are moved into it now. There is still plenty of finish work to do but it is so nice to be down there! Her are some pics from the last couple weeks. The pics are totally in reverse order of time.
The little man checking out his sister (it is hard to tell who is who in some pics so if I don't specify which baby, even I don't know!)

The middle man lovin on I think KR

The big man being the amazing big brother he is

Can you imagine a boy trying to get to one of these girls with these brothers around?!

KR, isn't she sweet?

KK, they are growing like crazy!


My little man after bath time, I love little people all wrapped up after a bath!

Our little man and Todd's sister's little guy only 5 weeks difference in age

All the cousins at Christmas this year minus the little two (Todd's oldest sister and her three were in Mexico on a missions trip)

Our little Vikings

Grandpa and Grandma Christmas Eve with the kids

KR, KK the girls

My guys

Doing a little snow shoeing