March 2, 2009

Five or Six?

Do you have a hard time when you look st something deciding if there are five or six? I do, let me tell you why.

You see, it was this little sweetie's birthday on Sunday. (I wanted to post then but due to not feeling well and technical difficulties, this was the best I could do.)
We had a party but he couldn't make it because he was attending one that was far better than ours. We would loved to have had him but we know he is way better off where he is. Sunday would have been Micah's 5th birthday. I can hardly believe that. We always spend that special day doing something fun as a family to celebrate his life. This year was no exception. We made it a great day of memories once again. We started off by making pancakes, bacon and freshed squeezed OJ. The boys loved every minute of it.
Here they are working hard at squeezing those oranges.

Even the little man got in on the action!

I flipped the cakes.

We all enjoyed a good meal.

Then we all went down to the basement where Todd had set up a theater, and we watched Horton Hears a Who on the big "screen." We popped popcorn and made snow cones. It was lots of fun and a great movie!

The little man didn't get his nap till late afternoon when we hit the road. As you can see, he was wearing out.

Finally, we went to an aquatic center and swam for a couple hours. Then we sat down and had a picnic supper. I forgot to get the camera out while we swam but here is the supper.
All in all, it was a fun day. But, why the weird question about five and six? Well, while we were out and about I was asked three different times about our family. This kind of questioning is not uncommon, especially with the twins now. However, it continually presents a problem for me. These people asked things like "Wow are these all your? Five kids huh?" or "So three boys and two girls, what a crew!" things like that. You see the problem is, where they and the rest of the world see five, I ALWAYS see six. When they say, " so five kids huh?" I never really know how to respond. This poor innocent person simply wants to talk about cute kids, big families and the weather. I on the other hand I want to talk about how I actually have six beautiful kids, but one just isn't there to meet them right now. I want them to know our family is bigger than what they can see. I want them to know that we have another sweet little boy, not any more special than the three we have the privilege to raise, but just as real and alive as them, only not here. So sometimes, I tell them, we actually have another son but he went to be with the Lord and they either make a comment of remorse or move on as if it had never been said. Other times, I say nothing about it and just spend the next while pondering the imperfections of living in this world. So the trick is, to know when to tell people that five is actually six. Because sometimes telling them can open doors to minister to another's heart. Other times it is time to just ponder it myself, and leave that poor person less awkward and confused as to why I told him that when he really just wanted to talk about cute kids, big families and the weather.

Aren't you glad that some day there will be no more tears or sadness? Aren't you glad that some day we can all worship together around the throne? I know I am because then five really will be six.

They slept much of the day as usual but here is a pic of my little cuties!