December 23, 2008


Life here has been a little crazy but we are thoroughly enjoying having the girls home and finding a new normal. So far they are both very good babies so we are thankful for that. We are also thankful to have had my mom here for the last week. It was so nice to have some help for a few days and we all loved having Grandma around!

I had the girls in for a one week check up on Friday and they looked great. They had both gained quite a bit and were up to KR 5lbs 5oz, and KK 6lbs 2oz. KK is 19 1/2 in and KR is up to 18 in so she has grown a full inch since birth. They will not have to go back for another month now because they checked out so good. They are still both eating very well and sleep most of the time during the day. When they are awake, they are much more alert than they were before.

The boys are still really enjoying the girls. Last night the middle mas heard them crying when we did not so he came and told me, "Your babies are sad." They are all good about watching out for the girls. Even the little man is always bringing me their nuks and anything we drop of theirs.

We are planning on a quiet Christmas here at home with Todd's parents as we did not want to travel yet and everyone else had plans. It should be fun though. Then we will get together with Todd's family for a few days and then I think my family will all be coming out here for a few days. We are really looking forward to the time with our familes, that is always fun. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

The middle man and little man playing together. I love to see that!

I wanted a pic of the boys Sunday morning in their Christmas clothes and this is what I got. They are such hams!


The big man in his Christmas program at church

KK and KR hanging out in their bouncer seat

Grandma W feeding the girls

Grandpa and Grandma E

The little man getting to know KK a little better

I got his sling as a gift and it is so great!

The big man helping to give baths

He helped dress KK

The middle man helped dress KR, they both did really well

This is just one of the many things I have found him doing when I am busy and not watching him

December 12, 2008

Home at Last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, we made it home with the girls! When I got back to the hospital on Wednesday I had a great surprise. The girls were in their open crib. Also, their wonderful nurse told me that the doc said as long as they did well for 24 hrs they could go home. After a whirlwind that day and the next we got home last night. The pics tell the story.

Here they are in the open crib the last day.

Some were asking what their little houses looked like.

KR in her home coming clothes

KK in her home coming clothes

Ready to say goodbye to our friends at the NICU

Ready to go

Brothers getting aquainted with their sisters

Do you think they look excited?

He tells me over and over, "I love these babies mom."

Biggest brother very proudly holding KR

The crew

He is very good if he is holding one of them, otherwise he can get a little bent out of shape

Finally the fam all together!

Ready for bed

Middle man and KR
I was so excited to come home but it really was a little sad leaving the NICU too. We met some wonderful people there and made some new friends. A big thank you to all the wonderful nurses in the NICU!

December 9, 2008

Home Again

It is nice to be home again for a night. The boys and I decorated our Christmas tree tonight so that was tons of fun. Our little man took them off about as fast as we could put them on but he had fun. Then I thought about doing this next year and that really made me laugh. Two one year olds!!! The big man was all ready to wrap some gifts now that we have a tree but that will have to wait. It was just fun to see them so excited. They actually did a really good job decorating it too. (I only moved a few ornaments:)

The girls were doing well today. KK's billy levels are dropping so she will not have to go back on the lights for jaundice any more. KR's were up so she will get checked again tomorrow. Their weights have basically stayed the same. Maybe a very slight drop. They are eating extremely well now so that is nice to see. Their temps coming up is what we are waiting on now. It is just going to take time and there really is no way to speed that up at all. Grandma and Grandpa Erickson got to hold them today for the first time. I was not there and have not talked to them myself yet but I think they thoroughly enjoyed that. I will head back there tomorrow morning.

Here are a couple pics from our big man's Christmas program

He was a duck, sitting in the red shirt

The big guy decorating the tree

Caught him in the act, don't be fooled he was not putting one on the tree!

I love this pic, it truly captures them in all their "glory" My ragtag bunch, always in basketball wear(usually not matching). My kids just crack me up!

This is a pic of the girls last night before I left. I thought it was too cute! KR on left, KK right

December 8, 2008

Surprise, I found a different way to load pics!

Sorry, I got a little carried away on pics here but we moved them into the same little house today and I thought it was so cute to see them snuggling together. I took lots of pics!

Sleeping in the same house, KK is on the bottom of the pic, KR on top
KK then KR

This is when we first put them together

KR looking so cute!

I was holding both of them, KK on left, KR on right

Same as above

KR yesterday

KK yesterday


Okay, so the bad news is my camera broke and we had a busy weekend so I haven't posted updates for a few days. The good news is I got a new camera and took a bunch of great pics. The bad news is I forgot the cord at the place where I am staying and so will have to wait till tomorrow to post pics. Sorry!

The girls have progressed a lot since I last posted. They both got rid of their PICC lines now and the tubes in their noses are gone. Those were used to check what was in their stomachs and to feed them earlier on. They have both been gaining weight and are around 5lbs 10oz (KK) and 4lbs 13oz (KR). They also have gone to unrestricted feedings, meaning they can eat as much as they want which has been around 2 oz. They also do not have to eat every 3 hours, they can go longer if they want to.

However, they are still in their little houses because they need to hold their own body temperature better. They are very close to moving into open cribs but not quite there yet. Again, once in the open crib they have to maintain their temps while eating well and gaining weight. This process can take a little while because sometimes they lose wieght due to having to work harder to keep their temps up. So that is really the last big hurdle they have to overcome. They are definitely filling out so that is fun to see. KK has super cute little dimples.

It looks like we will definitely be in here all of this week and then I am really not sure from there. It would be really nice to be home after that but time will tell. Todd and the boys are doing well. We all stayed in a hotel down here on Sat night so the boys got to swim a bunch, they loved that. Tomorrow night I will go home and take care of the while Todd goes to a CEF Christmas party we are having at the Dakota Rose Bed and Breakfast. It will be nice to be home for a night again. Thank you again for all the prayers for the girls and our family. We praise the Lord for such great family and friends!

December 5, 2008

Growing Girls

We are really cruising now! Both the girls are still gaining weight. KK is 5lbs 7oz and KR is 4lbs 9oz. They look fuller in the face and even their little fingers look thicker. KR still loks much smaller than her sister but they are still about the same weight and height difference as when they were born. KK is up to full ounce feedings now and KR is right behind her by 3 cc's so her next move up will be to a full ounce. They are also both off of their lights for jaundice now and hopefully will stay that way. KR does have a heart murmur that was brought up once before. Today or tomorrow they will do an ultrasound to check that out a little better. There are two reasons that frequently happens in premies and is not a big deal, so hopefully it will turn out that way with her. We will find out soon. They will probably be off their IV's tomorrow so that is very exciting too. The next thing will be to contorl their temp a little better and get moved to the open cirbs.

KR snoozing after downing her big feeding
KK, the little stinker was a wide awake as soon as I put her back in her little condo

KR having her bottle this morning, she takes it very fast till right at the end when she gets sleepy

Feeding KR