October 31, 2009

7 is the number

I am not sure how it happened.

One day he was just a little guy and did things like snuggling up with his daddy to read a story...

..and then the next day he was 7!

And doing things like this


He is such a blessing to us and we praise the Lord for him every day.  He has grown and changed so much in the last year.  He has become so good at reading and is excelling in school.  He is exploring new interests, like his new focus, skateboarding.  Whatever he does, he does to the best that he can.  He is a very hard worker.  He is also a wonderful big brother.  He loves to play with his little sisters and make them laugh.  He is so proud of how he can carry them around and hold them to help me out sometimes.  He is also so good to include his youngest brother when he and the middle man play.  He watches out for him and sticks up for both his brothers when they run into trouble.  It gives us such joy to see the Holy Spirit at work in his life.  He finds great joy in doing jobs that I haven't asked him to do and then surprising me, like cleaning up the basement, picking up outside, helping a sibling, or helping to set the table.  We have been thrilled to hear of the good choices he is often making at school and how he takes a stand for the Lord there.  He also is developing such a tender spirit to those in need around the world, and toward those who have never heard the Gospel.  He is not perfect, but none of us are and I truly can't imagine life without him.  God is so good in how he plans out our families.

October 30, 2009

October 24, 2009

My Age

So we were at a party at our friends' house the other night and my middle man had to use the bathroom. When finished, he walked up to the sink to wash his hands. He looked at the sink (which is lower than most and thus he could reach the faucet very easily) and said,

"Look Mom, it's my age."

Oh how I love what kids say! And, I love my kids!

October 20, 2009

Hard Work

...always pays off.

We recently went to a farm festival at a little town near our home. The boys got in on the tractor pull for kids and had a great time!

They both worked very hard in their division and did their best. Look at the determination in these faces!

There obviously can only be one winner though.

We had an opportunity to learn a good lesson that day. Even though you can't always win, your hard work is worth it because you learn to do your best, you bring glory to God, and you build character. So, they couldn't both win (there were like 26 others in the division too!). One had his hard work build some character.

And one...

Got to take home the prize.

We were very proud of both boys!

October 10, 2009

It is the life for me

"Why?" some people ask

Why would I want to live in the country?

Well . . .

let me tell you


because there are fewer distractions and it is a great place for families to connect

because there are many places for adventurous souls to explore

there are wide open spaces and creation manifests the magnificence of God constantly

God has placed us here and given us many opportunities to glorify Him with all the "space" we have

because my heart and the heart of the man I love thrives here

So . . .

you may ask, will we always live here?

I don't believe in ever using the word always. We have no intentions of moving now or in the future. However, I don't think it is right to say we will always live here, or we will never move. The only "ALWAYS" in our vocabulary is, we always want to be in the center of God's will for our lives. I hope and pray that we would be ready and willing to do anything and go anywhere in order to stay in the middle of God's will for our lives.

You see, it doesn't matter how great a place is. If it is not where God wants you, it will be the most miserable place in the world to be. And, it doesn't matter how terrible a place may seem, if God is calling you there then there is no better place on earth to be.

So, I love the country! I would love to live here for the rest of my days on this earth. I have no idea if that will be the case, and that's okay.


I know for sure, I ALWAYS want to be in the very center of God's will. That is the life for me!

October 6, 2009

Splish Splash

...wish WE were taking a bath