May 6, 2010

Birthday Boy


time flies by and our little man went from this

to this

then this

to his big 3-year old self

He is a ball of red headed energy

has a contagious laugh

quite mischievous

loves to do whatever he can with the boys of the house

adores his daddy

loves on his little sisters

has a great imagination (lately he has been battling giants)

is thrilled with any truck, tractor or train that hooks together with something else

always eager to talk about the things of God

loves to hear stories told or read

would live in a mud puddle if he could

has a strong will and a big voice

loves to sing, especially about God

wants nothing to do with being potty trained

His name means "the Lord is my God" and we constantly pray that that will be true of him

Thank you Lord for the gift of this little boy in our lives.  We ask that you move in his life and draw him to yourself.  Help him to see his need for a savior.  We pray he will passionately puruse you all of his life and live to bring you glory.  Thank you for the joy of raising him.