February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Micah!

Four years ago today this sweet little boy entered our lives. To the Lord we are forever thankful.

Four years old he would've been
Not a day's gone by, we haven't thought of him
So sweet and beautiful,not ours to keep, but ours to love
Our little boy who went to live above
Sure many tears have fallen
But we are going to faithfully live out our calling
Whether joy or pain there is One to praise
We believe that is what Scripture says
So until the day we see our Savior's face
We'll hold our little boy in our hearts, and hold out hope to the human race
What a reunion we know we'll have one day
And this world and all its pain will fade away
Thank you Lord for lessons learned
Thank you Lord for your Word on our hearts burned
Thanks you Lord for peace, hope and joy
Thank you Lord for blessing our lives with this sweet baby boy!

The little man has been growing and changing a lot lately. He has been very slow to get moving but now does an army crawl that gets him everywhere! Here he was practicing his "So Big" and his head shake.

February 18, 2008

Not the Year for the Ear!

The little man is just getting over an ear infection and now the middle man has a whole different kind of ear ache. The two older boys were wrestling and goofing around in the living room when we heard some crying. We went in to find the younger of the two with blood all over his ear. After cleaning it up a bit we could see it was split in the front and back but there was a little skin on the bottom of the ear separating the two splits so he didn't have two flaps on his ear. He also had hit the inside of it which was rapidly swelling and bruising. Just to be sure, we took him in to get it looked at. They decided it shouldn't be stitched (thank goodness, it was hard enough keeping him still for them to look at it as it is very sore) but said it would be extremely tender for a while and we should watch the swelling in the inner part. So, although it is a little gross , here is what it looks like.

The first picture is obviously, the front and this is a couple hours later so the split looks closer together. You can see the swollen lump up on the edge going into the ear.This is from a back angle and you can see the bottom where the little bit of skin separates the two splits.
This is from the back immediately after so you can see how split it was. The swelling hadn't started here yet either. IT is way more swollen in the previous pic.

With a little Tylenol he has been running around all day, happy as ever, as long as we don't bump that ear!

February 16, 2008

Sick Babies are So Sad!

So, we had a very interesting week . The older boys were sick with the typical cold, coughing, fevers, you know you the drill. Then Sunday, they shared it with the little man. He cried for three days straight and ran fevers for three days. At that point, we decided we needed to take him in, I thought he had an ear infection. So I took him in to the local clinic where a wonderful nurse practitioner took a look at him. I knew she was a little unsure about his condition when she left for a while after looking at him. She came back and suggested we take him into the emergency room in Minot. So I dropped the older boys off with a friend and away we went. Several hours later he was admitted and he and I spent the next 3 nights and 3 days hanging out with the great nurses at Trinity Hospital. I wish that I had a picture of him sleeping in his "cage" (they call it a crib) at the hospital but I kept forgetting to have Todd bring the camera. It turned out he had an ear infection and RSV. He was an extremely pathetic sight by the time we were admitted that day. He cried constantly, his eyes were puffy and red from lack of sleep, his nose was runny and then his eyes started draining too, and he wouldn't eat, or drink much. When we would smile at him he would just cry, and if you know him, you know that is Not Normal! Finally he started to come around and by the time we left he was smiley, playing and even going to the nurses. He still was coughing a lot and tired quickly but all around looked way better! So, we are very glad to be home and have everyone doing so much better.

This was what the little guy would do in his walker the day I took him to the clinic. If you have seen him in here normally he is a maniac, all over the place! So this is very abnormal!

Here he is reconnecting with the pup when we got home.
Today was absolutely beautiful! We made a snowman and then I pulled the boys all over on the sled with the snowmobile. They had a blast as we have all this fresh snow (thank you Lord!) and lots of great drifts to fly over!

February 8, 2008

Old dog couldn't learn new tricks

We had been having trouble with our black lab Tigger for almost two years. She tended to dislike random men she would come in contact with. We think she was either abused before we got her at four months, or something happened in our yard when we were gone some time. Anyway, she would growl and get her hackles up and had started moving in on these guys. We were hoping a move to the farm where she could run more and another dog would mellow her out but she only got worse. This last week we found out that she bit our garbage guy and had done something to the UPS guy. Our garbage didn't get hauled away and we were looking at a future of our packages getting dumped in the snow. We felt so bad about those situations so it was time to send Tigger to the "happy hunting grounds." Nobody really wanted to do it, so my father-in-law said he would take care of her. The same day we found out about all the trouble she caused she left this farm for the last time.
We wanted another lab and that very day went on an internet hunt. Fortunately that very day we found a 1o week old yellow lab in MN. We found out my parents were headed our way the very next day and they graciously went and met the puppy owners and picked our pup out for us. (Thanks again Mom and Dad!) So by the next afternoon we had a little yellow lab pup running around our house chasing the boys . We named him Tracker (thanks Sue!) and he is adorable, as you can see in the pics! He came very close to having the name "Edge" for the guitar player in Todd's favorite band , U2. However, when we heard "Tracker" even my U2 junkie couldn't argue that it was a perfect name for a hunting dog. And I finally have the yellow lab that I have wanted for years!
He is not going to be a small dog, he is only 10 weeks and huge!

My "middle man" walks around saying "where's my new puppy?" Then when he finds him he lays on the floor and lets Tracker crawl all over him and lick him.

He took to Shadow right away and doesn't leave his side much.