October 5, 2010

Last but not Least

We wrapped up our trip spending a few days with some wonderful friends and getting a glimpse into what their life is like.

The first day we were there the guys took the boys fishing.  This is the type of fishing where you constantly catch something.  Needless to say, the boys LOVED that!

We went to some big slides...they were pretty cool!

And we spent some time at a super sweet park...minus the nasty snake near our pcinic table where we were having supper!

Our friends' son and our boys were having  a GREAT time with this game which basically consisted of one of them at the top kicking the rest down and not letting them get to the top.  They seriously were having a blast as were several other boys who got in on the "fun" too.

We went to the Omaha zoo which was absolutely amazing! 

Here was the whole crew together.  Our whole family agreed this was one of the best stops on our trip.  We had a great time with this crew and appreciated their hospitality and all the fun they planned for us from the park, to the zoo, to swimming and lots and lots of catching up on life with each other :)

We got back home late on Labor Day.  It was  a fantastic trip that I am sure we will all still be talking about a long time down teh road!