November 30, 2008

A new week

Today marks the start of a new week. Hopefully it will be a week of big improvements for the girls. KR continues to gain weight and is up to 4lbs 4 oz now so that is wonderful. KK had lost and then gained a little back so she is at her birth weight once again but that is okay. KR was able to get out from under the billy light non but KK is still under for a while longer. They both still need to digest better. That is the big prayer item at this point. The food always looks good that is in their stomachs it is just undigested. If they could get over that problem I think they would rapidly improve. Not sure on many details as I was gone part of today so I am going to go up and see how the rest of the day has gone. I got to go home and spend some time with Todd and the boys but it is always so hard to leave again. I just never feel like I am where I should be, always pulled one way or the other. Please pray for energy for Todd as he heads into a new week. We so appreciate all the prayer and encouragement from everyone!

KK sleeping in my arms, they love to snuggle.

KR awake for a visit

Don't you love those pacifiers

November 29, 2008

Just a quick update. The girls had a pretty good day today. KR had gained another ounce so is up tp 4lbs 3 oz but KK had lost a little and was just under 4lbs 15 oz. Again, the ups and downs are normal but hopefully we will start to stick with the ups. Because of the weight loss and still not great digestion they put a PICC line in KK today. The line really is a good thing though because now she won't have to keep being restuck for an IV. They got it in her leg which is nice too. They both only digest a little at a time or every other time but it will just take more time to grow and develop. KK is still breathing great on her own with no episodes so I think we can put that behind us. We can hold them more than once a day now which is awesome!!! I held them each seperately and once together. It is so fun to hold them and usually hold them for a full hour each. They love it! Here are a few pics of KR that I thought were so cute. The lighting is funny because she is under a more blue billy light right now as the other one was needed somewhere else.

We made it a week!

Yesterday was a good day. I had some great friends pick me up and take me out for lunch (to those friends I say I am going to therepy as a result of that lunch!). It was fun to spend some time with friends. Then my sister and brother-in-law came through from Grand Forks and picked me up. We all went out to Todd's parent's house for a post Thanksgiving meal. It was so fun and nice to spend time with Todd and the boys.

The girls had a good day too. I have gotten into a routine with them. If I come every three hours on the right schedule I can change their diapers, feed them through a bottle nipple (if they are awake), and hold them for an hour each. It is great to be involved in their care. KK is off of all air flow and oxygen now, PTL! She had a great day and never dipped her stats so that should be permanent. She also had her feedings increased to 9 cc but neither of them are digesting well at all. They were started on an antibiotic to help stimulate that so I hope to find out today that they are doing better at it. However, they have both gained weight the last couple days. They are each an ounce over their birth weight at 5lbs and 4lbs 2oz. So that news is good too! They still have a ways to go and I know it will be at least another week up there. The last week flew by so hopefully it will continue to.

Please pray for Todd as he contimues to be a one man show. My parents left mid week for my sister's house as she will be having a baby any time now. (We are so excited to hear about that baby!!!) Thanks to my parents for all the help, we so appreciate it! Todd is doing so great with the boys and deserves a medal but it is a lot of work especially since they are a little out of sorts with life being tipped upside down. We are noticing it the most in our middle man so you can pray for that too. His family is here now so that really helps but this next week he will need lots of energy and patience.

Matthew 6:34 talks about not worrying about tomorrow as each day has enough trouble of its own. That is really true as I look at things right now. There is plenty I could figure out to worry about but I think I will just take today and let God work out the details as He is way better at it than me. My doctor asked me when I was in the hospital how I was feeling with having two less than healthy babies. I could honestly tell her that I knew we were not in control of what was going on so it was okay. I have truly had a great deal of peace through it all, which is from the Lord because the planner in me doesn't like unknowns and chaos but here we are.

My little man being hauled around in a blanket by his cousins and brothers, they all had a blast with that
Yes, this would be all the boys who let the two girls give them make-overs
KK without her oxygen tube

Holding KK the day before

KK wide awake to visit with me

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love that God is the sustainer! "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together" Colossians 1:17. I love that. I said that last Friday we had a big surprise and our girls decided to join us. What is awesome is that God was not suprised by their sudden arrival, just like He wasn't surprised when we found out there were two in there. He has known all things all along. He is before all of it and is in control of all of it. Their ups and downs each day are not shocking to Him. I am so glad to have a God like that to love, serve and trust.

I had big plans of posting all these pics last night but was going to do it from Todd's aunt's house where I have been staying. However, I got there and realized she probably didn't have internet access, and I was right. So here is a Thanksgiving treat.

Both girls had a really great day yesterday so that was so nice. KK had her feedings (which she just started on Tues.) doubled and she has been digesting and moving it through every time! Praise the Lord for that. She is still on a little oxygen but that is slowly coming down and they didn't have to increase all day. KR is still not digesting well. She gets every other feeding but they did increase hers too. Her jaunidce is improving but KK's has a little ways to go yet. They both had routine head ultrasounds that they do on the 5th day and they both came up clear. KR gained a little weight but it is too early to say if it is a permanent gain, so we'll have to wait and see.

Todd and the boys came up yesterday afternoon which was great. I need to put a plug in for the NICU nurses. The girls have had AWESOME nurses. They are some of the sweetest people ever! The last two days they had the same gal and she was so great. She heard the boys were coming so she took a bunch of time to get a good pic of each of the girls withough all the wires showing, then she printed three of each of them and put them on paper pumpkins. She wrote their names on them and "Sweet as Pumpkin Pie, My Sisters". She worked to move things around and help me get both girls out and over to the window for the boys to see. Then she gave them a bag with the pumpkins, and Big Brother stickers, and little diapers and hats to see how tiny they are. She was such a blessing to our family, and those that helped her! I am very sorry to say I don't have pics of the boys looking in the window, but I wish you caould have seen those little faces when she lifted the blinds so they could look in. They were standing there with the biggest grins you have ever seen. It was so sweet! Here are some other pics from the day.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

KR hanging out in Daddy's armsKK with her daddy

KK with her pretty hat on

KR snuggling up with a blanket, it was so cute

KR wide awake, I think excited to see her brothers

KK getting her pic taken for big brothers

I love this pic of KR

I left the camera to trade places with Todd and the nurses went crazy with it, I think they took about 10 of them together!

Proud Daddy!

November 25, 2008

Day 4 at the Hospital

Sorry for my absence yesterday. I was discharged from the hospital, ran home quick and came back. It ended up being a pretty busy day. The girls are doing really well. Some things go well and then sometimes they have little setbacks, all normal in the life of a premie. KK is working her way off oxygen slowly but surely. She got to have her first feeding today, mostly through a tube but she did take a little bit through a nipple. I think she would have taken more but I was holding her and she had snuggled in and gotten pretty sleepy. Yes, we can hold both girls now but generally they only like to take them out once a day at this point so they don't get too cool. Today I was able to hold them both at the same time which was awesome! Todd was able to hold KK last night but I forgot the camera.
They are both under the lights now as they are jaundice but that is pretty normal too, still a bummer though. KR is still working to learn to digest food. She has generally been able to have food every 6 hours instead of the normal 3, that's a start though. She had a PIC line put in yesterday which took hours. That is a more permanent IV. The idea is that it is more stable and they won't have to keep resticking her thus reducing chance of infection. KK was supposed to get one too but KR's took too long. Now they are waiting to see if she even needs one. If she can digest the food she has started on she won't need an IV as they both had cultures run and neither of them need the antibiotic they were getting through the IV. Hopefully we can just avoid the whole thing with her.
They have both had their eyes open a couple times now so that has been fun to see. Mostly, though they just sleep which is what they need to do right now. The more they rest and grow the better at this point.
I am staying down here and in at the hospital everyday. Todd is staying at home with the boys but will come down most evenings. The boys are so excited so it is hard for them to wait as they can not go see the babies at this point. They have been doing so well at home but it is a lot of transition and chaos, especially with me not being able to be home with them. They have been having fun though, with Dad and their grandpa's and grandma's. Thanks for all your prayers and all the help we ahve received. We appreciate it all so much!

Unfortunatly you can't see the girls too well as they were wrapped up pretty good.
KK today in her little condo.

KR's little ear and hand

KR's feet, on her left leg is the PIC line

KR sunbathing with her shades on. A little jaundice treatment.

The boys visiting while I was in the hospital. They have been troopers!

November 23, 2008

Day two with our little sweeties

Day two here at the hospital is going well. KR was able to get off of oxygen early this morning so that is very exciting. She is receiving a little breast milk through her tube but so far her stomach isn't digesting food real well. They said that is not uncommon with premies, it can just take a while for their stomachs to wake up and get working. We can hold her any time so that is really nice.
KK is still a little behind her sister. She is on less oxygen now so that is good but has a little way to go. She has to get that down better before they can give her any breast milk. They have both lost just a few ounces but again that is normal and as their stomachs figure things out they will hopefully begin to put on weight. We will continue to keep you posted. It looks like I will be out of here tomorrow but will stay down here until the girls can come home.

KR withour her oxygen tube, she is so sweet

November 22, 2008

Welcome to Our World

Well, we had a big surprise last night while at a State Volleyball game, I went into labor at 35 1/2 weeks. There was no turning back once we got to the hospital, they were on their way ready or not. Thankfully, a C-section was not needed and everything went extremely well. We did end up having two girls the first was 4lbs 15 oz, 19 in and the second was 4lbs 1 oz, 17in. They were born on Nov 22 @ 2:37 am and 2:40am. They are both doing pretty well but may be spending time in the NICU for a while. The smaller one looks like she will be off oxygen by morning but her sister may take a little longer. Overall, they are both doing pretty well. If you are on Facebook check that for their names. Also, sorry for the underlining, not sure what the deal is.




K K, she likes her tummy

Holding K R for the first time this afternoon

November 17, 2008

Drum Roll Please

For all those inquiring minds out there I have posted pics of my ever growing belly. The first is obviously not me. Instead it is my constantly creative oldest with the Indian costume he made on Saturday. He got it in his head he wanted to make a costume and even made pants out of paper (that is quite the task).

Back to the belly. So this is me, pregnant with twins at about 34 1/2 weeks. Whether or not you think that tummy is big, it is the biggest I have ever been! My coat has ceased to zip and very few shirts want to cover it anymore, all problems I have never had. I have no doubt the next few weeks or however long I have till they come will be quite entertaining!

November 14, 2008

Basement and More

So these are not great pics of the basement as there was much sheetrock dust in the air and I had not cleaned anything up yet. It is all cleaned out now and looks great! Also these pics are all out of order so bear with me.

This is the family room area with the store room on the end.

Here is Dad Erickson helping to put up tape. Many people have helped that I did not get pics of but we have appreciated all of you so much!!!

The big man worked very hard one afternoon and tossed a big pile of lumber chunks out the window. This was about halfway through it.

Mike and Maija helping out.

Here are a few random pics with one more construction one at the end. The boys made a train one night and we all went for a crazy ride. What can you expect when your conductor is a 3 year old?

The little man is very into hats this last week.

The boys loved this! I cut all that hair off now.

My laundry room, I am so excited!