August 20, 2007

Been a while

I thought I better get a new post on here myself. I don't have pictures yet but I will next time. Life has been crazy! We moved, went to camp for two weeks on the heels of that and have been several other places since camp. Anyway I haven't been home to update this and when I have been home couldn't get online on my computer because I am getting a new computer and can't get online on the old one as we are wireless now. On top of all that I had some things mixed up on my google account and had to get that all straightened out. Craziness!
So mid July we moved to a farm, I will get new contact info out to you all but due to my computer issues that I mentioned, I can't email right now. Our email and phone number have changed so I didn't fall off the face of the earth and will let you know soon how to get a hold of us.
Coming soon.....I will post pix from camp, our house and the wedding that Todd just did (his first) it was so pretty, outside in the badlands.


Susan said...

Looking forward to the pics, fun to see you posting again. Stacie said she going to have to start again that will be fun, Lcve,mom

Movers4life said...

Way to go Kim!! I loves pics! I bet you are excited to get your computer! Hey on a side note, since not everyone can make it(contrary to the original plan) maybe you could do the dedication later(ok, so I am biased)? TTYL~