February 16, 2008

Sick Babies are So Sad!

So, we had a very interesting week . The older boys were sick with the typical cold, coughing, fevers, you know you the drill. Then Sunday, they shared it with the little man. He cried for three days straight and ran fevers for three days. At that point, we decided we needed to take him in, I thought he had an ear infection. So I took him in to the local clinic where a wonderful nurse practitioner took a look at him. I knew she was a little unsure about his condition when she left for a while after looking at him. She came back and suggested we take him into the emergency room in Minot. So I dropped the older boys off with a friend and away we went. Several hours later he was admitted and he and I spent the next 3 nights and 3 days hanging out with the great nurses at Trinity Hospital. I wish that I had a picture of him sleeping in his "cage" (they call it a crib) at the hospital but I kept forgetting to have Todd bring the camera. It turned out he had an ear infection and RSV. He was an extremely pathetic sight by the time we were admitted that day. He cried constantly, his eyes were puffy and red from lack of sleep, his nose was runny and then his eyes started draining too, and he wouldn't eat, or drink much. When we would smile at him he would just cry, and if you know him, you know that is Not Normal! Finally he started to come around and by the time we left he was smiley, playing and even going to the nurses. He still was coughing a lot and tired quickly but all around looked way better! So, we are very glad to be home and have everyone doing so much better.

This was what the little guy would do in his walker the day I took him to the clinic. If you have seen him in here normally he is a maniac, all over the place! So this is very abnormal!

Here he is reconnecting with the pup when we got home.
Today was absolutely beautiful! We made a snowman and then I pulled the boys all over on the sled with the snowmobile. They had a blast as we have all this fresh snow (thank you Lord!) and lots of great drifts to fly over!


Debbie said...

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. It really is a cute picture of Elijah if he had been feeling well. A cute picture of him with tracker, too. I am sure the boys had a great time with you outside and very glad to have you home.

Movers4life said...

What a sad pic of the little man, poor guy!!!! I am glad he is doing better though! Looks like everyone had a blast outside, Big C would have loved to join!:0)

Stacie said...

So glad Elijah better and you are both home! That is such an adorable picture of Elijah and Tracker! Looks like you guys had a great day outside. Reminds me of our childhood--and how odd it is to say that!