March 29, 2008

Kids Get It

So Caleb comes out of his bedroom this morning holding a piece of paper.

Caleb: I found this in my pocket, I forgot about it. (See picture below)
Me: Did you make that in Cubbies this week?
Caleb: Yeah, it says Micah.
Me: Is it a picture of heaven?
Caleb: Yes, they told us to draw a picture of heaven.
Me: So you drew Micah because he is in heaven?
Caleb: Yep, Sue told me how to spell it. But, I got my "h" a little messed up I couldn't remember what an "h" looked like!

And with that, he went on with his day like it was no big deal. In his world, heaven is very real and his brother is there, end of story. The amazing thing is, two seconds before he came out with that picture I was thinking about Micah because the song "Untitled Hymn" came on. That was a song sung at Micah's funeral. So here we are listening to this song, which always makes us stop and think about our little guy and Caleb comes out with a reminder that we'll be reunited with him one day soon. God is good! and I am so goad he made kids so smart!


Stacie said...

What a sweet little man! I think it is so precious he still thinks so much about Micah and that he can tell his brothers about the bro they never knew!

Debbie said...

Wow, how touching. God is good. I am sure he has no idea how it touched you.

Tengesdal 4 said...

That's so cool that he gets it! We have lots of talks about heaven at our house- but they often end in one of two places:
1) Simon wants to just go there
2) Simon wants to ask Jesus to give someone back to us
I don't think that we're nearly as close to "getting it" as you are! :)

Movers4life said...

That is so neat, what an awesome way for God to work through him! Thanks for sharing!:0)

Susan said...

It's no wonder in Matthew 18:3 that God says that we must become like children to enter into the kingdom of heaven!! So wonderful to see God's hand on him and his love for his brother. Thank you so much for you and Todd's diligence in training up a child in the way he should go... love you guys

Aunt B said...

That was a beautiful comment. What a great little voice to let you know that God knows and still cares. I still shed a few tears.
Aunt B.

Bobby & Sara Lundquist said...

That is refreshing to read. Thank you for sharing.