September 2, 2008

Much needed family vacation

After a very busy summer, we finally had time to get away as a family for a week. We moved around from place to place but just took our time and had a great time. It was a much needed break for Todd. We came home a half a day earlier than we had thought we would and it has been so nice to just kick around home for a day without doing any work. Tomorrow we jump back into reality! The reason for the trip was Our friends Mike and Maija's wedding. Their wedding was a wonderful time and we are so excited to see "Uncle" Mike married to such a great woman! Here are some pictures of where we went .

We stopped at a rest area overlooking Duluth on the way to the wedding.The wedding was at Camp Forest Springs. We had a blast there!

There was a little mini farm where we could pet lots of different animals

The boys got very into the tennis courts there

The wedding was in a beautiful spot on a hill overlooking the lake

The happy couple all married!

Good Friends

We took a day after the wedding and climbed around on the rocks at Interstate State Park in Taylors Falls, MN

The boys could've climbed all week.

Potholes in the park

We climbed down to the river

From there we went to a hotel with a waterpark in Elk River, MN

Then we met up with my parents and my sister's family at the MN State Fair


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Looks like a lot of fun. That pick of you down on the rocks--you really look like Mom. Crazy! Glad you guys had time to get away and relax!

Susan said...

Such beautiful pictures!!!! Can't believe the summer has flown by so quickly!!

Movers4life said...

Great pics, looks like you guys had a blast!!:0) I like the bunks in those hotel rooms-very cool!

Drifters said...

So fun to be able to keep up with what you are doing by watching the blog!! Cute pictures.

JoAnn Venhuizen said...

that was by far the longest blog in blogging history - what fantastic family pics. your boys are growing up so fast. crazy....

glad you got a break in and had fun outtings in MN> sweet.