October 11, 2008

6 Years Old!

I am not sure where 6 years have gone but our big man is already 6! Todd and I had to be at a conference over his birthday so I did not get anything posted and am just getting to it. Thankfully he still got to spend the day with my mom and dad, we had a party the week before with his friends and then another the Sunday after with both sets of grandparents and Mike and Maija.

It has been such a joy to watch him grow and change over the last year. He keeps us on our toes with his constant questions trying to figure life out, and brings us great joy with his tender spirit. He loves school and learning so many new things. He has become a fantastic big brother, always watching out for his little brothers. It has been amazing to watch the Holy Spirit work in his heart bringing conviction and teaching him to live the way God wants him to. We are so thankful for the last 6 years the Lord has blessed us with his presence in our lives. We love his intense spirit and the way he goes after life full throttle. He has such a tender heart towards those who don't know the Lord and we pray that he will keep that for the rest of his life.

This is a pic of the big man when he was around the age our little man is right now.

Now here he is at 6!

He is very into riding his bike and wanted to have a race with his friends.

Here he is with two of his friends, probably the 3 most intense riders.

Lots of fun with friends and gifts.

The gift he got from my parents was these things called moon shoes. You strap them on your feet and can bounce. So when we were at our conference I called to see how things were going at home. I find our from my dad about another instance of brothers pushing each other to crazy things. The two older boys were up on the roof of where we store our fire wood along the house. The big man has his moon shoes on up there and is being told "do it, do it" by the middle man. My dad finds out that the plan was for the big man to jump down onto the deck with the shoes on...not a good idea! He has quite the time talking him out of it with the middle man pushing him. Those crazy boys!


Joy said...

Looks like a fun bike party! My little guy sure had a great time.

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Where has the time gone?! You remind me all the time why I keep telling this child "you are a girl!" ;-p JK--kinda.

Susan said...

It is so very hard to believe he is 6 already and in school!!!! Was so fun to be there to celebrate with him!He is one very special guy!!!!!!

Drifters said...

Grandpa said he would have like to be there when he jumped off the roof....he said it sounded like fun to him! I have to say that I would disagree with him!! We are praying for those fun boys.

Movers4life said...

Looks like a lot of birthday fun!! I was just looking at pics the other day and Caleb was about 4 in those pics, I can't believe how much he has changed and grown, time flies doesn't it?!