February 21, 2009


I had so much fun for the last month, planning a surprise for Todd! Back in the middle of January I got to thinking how nice it would be for us to get away for one night and do something really fun as life has been a little crazy for a while here and we are moving into busier times for him for work. I knew it would be a long time till we could do that again so started planning. It turned out the best weekend was Valentines weekend so that is when it all happened. My parents were able to come and watch ALL of our kids, I struggled with leaving the babies but all went well, and I reserved a room in Medora. I also packed up all our stuff and had snacks ready. Todd took the big man to school and when he came home our friends Mike and Maija were here (they went with us) and I told Todd we were leaving.

He had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. What we did was go to Theodoore Roosevelt National Park snowshoeing and then down to Medora for a night. We had an awesome time! We had so much fun together and a great time with good friends. We ended up back home on Saturday evening. Here are some pics that captured the fun.

Just getting going on our snowshoes.
It was an absolutely perfect day! In the 20's, no wind and totally sunny. For those not familiar with this national park it is in ND's badlands and beautiful!

Todd and I after we left the river and just cut across country through the woods. For the record, no, I am not calling that open space woods! The next pic will show the woods. :)

Mike and Todd

Myself and Maija

The trail we made through the snow

Of course, I had to let you see how the little sweeties are doing too. They are getting more interactive and smiley, it's so sweet!




Susan said...

Such great pics!! So glad it all worked out for the surprise!! Cute pics of the girls they are getting so big

Kim said...

Thanks again so much for watchsing them!!!

Drifters said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Grandpa said he remember's going snow shoeing. Grandpa said did you get your shoes caught up in the brush. That had happen to him.
Thank's for adding the cute picture's of the girl's. Always look forward to that!!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

What a great surprise! I am very impressed you were able to pull it off! The girls are super cute! Can't wait to meet them!

Joy said...

I'm glad you all had a great time! I'm also glad you had such a beautiful day.

Movers4life said...

What a fun trip, I am glad you were able to keep it a suprise!:0)