September 16, 2009

My whole family, FINALLY, got together a couple of weeks ago in celebration of my mom's birthday. We planned some surprise events, had whole family pics taken (with 13 KIDS the oldest being our big man AT 6!!!), and had a great time.

The first day we had the pictures taken by an awesome gal, and hopefully I can post some of those soon. You really should check out her site, she takes some pretty sweet pics! All the kids did really well, except KK who was very sick. :(

The next day we all went to church together. Then in the afternoon, we got 5 baby sitters and left ALL THE KIDS while we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for supper and then to the Broadway's Mary Poppins at the Orphium. Great production!

We also were able to see my brother's new baby boy for the first time
...isn't he sweet?!

...and my older sister's little girl who was born only a week after the twins but we had not been able to meet yet. You think KK looks sad?
She pretty much looked like this most of the weekend (SO SAD!). We ended up in the ER early on Labor Day because she had such high temps for so long and seemed to be in pain. Turned out she had a urinary tract infection.
some of the boys having a blast playing a silly game with their uncle
Finally, the two oldest wearing their "fat" skater shoes (just ask the big man, the "fattness" is very important!) the night before my nephew went to his first day of school

...the big man would also say that his cousins were much "fatter"

...and thus, better :)


Drifters said...

Good picture's. Kenzie looked so sad! I think she needed her Great Grandma to rock her. So sorry she is having a problem. We are praying for her.

Together We Save said...

Great pictures. Sorry KK was under the weather. Glad you had a good time.

Kate said...

Looks like tons of fun, what I wouldn't give for a nice evening on the town in Minneapolis like we used to. Or maybe I can take the money I'd give and spend it on a trip there??!! So did the UTI go away or are you still fighting that? That would be terrible thing to have as a little baby. They're terrible as an adult. I guess I don't keep up on the news, I didn't know she wasn't feeling so well.

Movers4life said...

It was a blast!