November 22, 2012

4 x 2 = Happy Birthday!

I am sure it was yesterday that I was sitting in the rocker recliner in my living room holding two babies and thinking how fast the time would go and I just wanted to soak in every minute!  Suddenly, here I am, 4 years later and they've grown tall, and the blonde hair gets darker, and they talk much, and laugh often.

And I know that the next time I blink, they will be beautiful young women, grown and starting out in life on their own.  But, for today, they are 4 and I will try to soak in every minute of this time.

Their many giggles and big grins

Their goofiness and fun loving nature

Their love to sing, and dance, and read books, and learn new things

Their sweet natures expressed COMPLETELY differently one from the other

Their love of the outdoors and all things active from the trampoline, to roller blading, to wrestling with Dad and their brothers

Their friendship with each other

These two are one tight pair, yet so uniquely different.  One is so feminine, sweet and sappy, loves to hug everyone, loves all things girly, is a social butterfly, tender through and through, but full of strong will when she wants to be, loves to talk about God.  The other shows her love through teasing and giving you a punch on the arm, she sings constantly, laughs often about everything, loves to talk about God, is a little more reserved when it comes to others but once she warms up will be your best friend, surprises you with random hugs, is independent and can do anything she sets her mind to.  

They are each a gift to our family and how appropriate that today on the day of thanks, we get to remember and be thankful for when they were graciously given to us as a part of our family.

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Susan said...

Love,love the post. Thanks so much for taking me down memory lane,truly was fun and what a wonderful gift they are!! Love you all!! Dad enjoyed the post as well :-)