June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

So the middle man's birthday came and went in a sea of company visiting and sickness for me. At any rate, this post never got done, so here it is. I can not believe he is already 3! It really seems like he was just born. It was fun to go back and look through pictures of him. His face hasn't changed much at this point and he has always been such a sweet little guy to have around. We have definitely hit threeness now but he still is such a sweetheart. The other day he saw me eating a chip and he knows I have been having some trouble with my stomach. He asked me if the chip would make me sick. He was very concerned about it. It is so funny to have such a little guy be so thoughtful. We praise the Lord daily for the joy that he brings to our lives. He, like our other boys, is such a gift. We pray that God will be at work in his life and do great things in and through him.

Noah at birth with big brother

1 year old

2 years old

3 years old!

Longing to use the slip and slide he got

Talking with Grandpa about his fingers


Susan said...

Slip and slide looks like a lot of fun!!! Such a sweet fun guy!!!

Stacie said...

What a cutie! LOve that smile!

Movers4life said...

Crazy that he is 3 already!!! I love the pic of him looking at his slpi n' slide, too cute!!

shar said...

He's such a little man! Ben and I were talking on the way home about how talkative he's gotten. "Time is it? It's our vacation. What time is it? Ackapation!"