April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Today was our little man's birthday. He turned 2! I can hardly believe it! I don't think he knew what we were all talking about all day but he definitely enjoyed the presents after supper tonight. The mistake was, we let him open this little basketball first and so he had little interest in opening anything else, until he found out there was good stuff in the other presents too.

It has been fun watching his personality develop in the last year. It is uncanny how much he is like his oldest brother. He attacks life with that same intensity. You never really have to wonder how he feels about anything. He has done an awesome job of adjusting to having two little sisters! He frequently talks to them (in a very high voice) and rubs their little heads. He never says their names, just "baby" for both of them. He adores his oldest brother, they are good buddies and has a funny relationship with the middle man. One minute they are fighting like cats and dogs, the next they are snuggled in together in the recliner looking at a book. We are so thankful to the Lord for allowing us to have him in our lives. He is definitely our wild man and keeps us on our toes, but I wouldn't want it any other way. As crazy as he is, he can be so sweet. Whenever I say his name and open my arms up wide, he runs over and gives me a huge hug. How can that not melt your heart?

Here his big brothers are getting a good look at him for the first time.

Here he is at "2" with his puppy cake.

Here is that ball that never left his hands after he opened it. He opened every other gift while holding it.

He got a bat and ball from his brothers and sisters. Here is Grandpa being the "tee"


Drifters said...

We enjoyed all the picture's and we sure thought about him on his birthday. He is a cutie. He had to grow up fast with two little sister's but look's like he is doing great.

shar said...

Oh man, I was THERE when that picture of the three boys was taken at the hospital. WEIRD. It is hard to believe they're all growing up so fast!

Susan said...

The cake turned out GREAT!!!! Looks like he had a lot of fun!! Special guy!!