April 23, 2009

Spring Review

Okay. so I had technical difficulties for about a month, but I am up and rolling finally! We habve had many things going on this spring from our CEF banquets, to visiting family, and having family visit. These pics should get you up to speed.

The top pic is Todd and I at our banquet in March. Here are the girls are dressed up for our banquets. KK, KR

This is the larger of the two banquets we did. We had about four hundred people there.

My two little ladies who are growing like crazy!

In March we also went on our annual trip to one of Todd's sister's fpr a basketball tourny that Todd plays in with his brother-in-law. It was very busy so I did not get many pics but here are a couple. This is KR with her cousin.

The four oldest kids, thay all had lots of fun together!

This month, my sister and her fam came for a visit. We had so much fun! Here are the boys with two of their cousins. Between mud and water outside from all our snow, they did not lack for things to do. I will have to post those pics later.

The girls with my sisters' youngest. He is only two and a half months older than them.

The big man and his cousin went on a field trip the kindergarten class. They had a blast!

We were all going to head to my parents' house for Easter when the flu struck our house. Here is the little man with his puke bucket. Obviously he was still in good spirits.

We ended up heading to my parents' the next day as the little man seemed better and no one else was sick. About a half hour before we got there the middle man puked! We still had fun as it was a mild flu and I didn't get sick till we got home. Here are the kids with Grandpa and Grandma.


Joy said...

All the pics are great! I especailly like the puke-bucket-on-the-head one - that's so funny!

Drifters said...

Thank's for sending all the picture's. The kids looked like they were all having fun together.
Glad you made it home at Easter for a little while anyway. Wished we could have been there. We will see you in May.

Tengesdal 4 said...

It's so fun to see your kids growing and changing! You've got quite a beautiful (and happy looking) bunch!

Susan said...

Fun post, great pics,love the puke bucket on the head!! (:

Stacey said...

What fun pictures! You have a beautiful family.