June 20, 2009

Undeserved Blessings

We just got home last night after being gone for two weeks at a training camp that we do for teens. Some of you may remember last year at this same time we came home to a huge surprise. Our kitchen, dining room and hallway had all been textured and painted. Our house was also clean, lawn mowed, bedding washed and beds remade, and flowers planted.

Well, we got home last night and had our socks blessed off again! Since moving here six years ago, we have been reminded over and over again what amazing friends the Lord has blessed us with. We don't deserve them or their kindness and all they do for us is appreciated beyond what we are even able to explain. We came home to a house that had been scraped, primed and painted. Our deck had been primed and one coat of paint done, our lawn mowed, house cleaned, beds made with clean bedding, and flowers planted including two beautiful arrangements in pots on our deck! And it all looks awesome!!!!

This time around my friend and I had discussed what she could do while we were gone. She wanted to do another project. We talked about the house, but I ended up injuring my back and by the time it felt better I was swamped with getting curriculum wrote for camp and other prep. I was not able to get the house scraped, we hadn't settled for sure on a color, along with a few other things in the way of getting it done. I found out later, that didn't stop this friend or anyone else. During the second week of camp I was told out our house was being painted but had no idea about everything else.

The thing you need to know is that camp is physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually exhausting! We come home wiped out in all those areas. I needed some encouragement this particular day. We were meeting with our board and Todd told the board and me that our house was being painted. The whole board got to see me cry. So to my friends involved in any way, know that you were a part of making me cry in front of a lot of people! Thank you! Working with 40-60 teens for two weeks is truly a joy but as I have said, quite draining and words can not express what an encouragement and a blessing it is to have friends like we do.

So, to all of you involved in blessing us with the work on out house, thank you so very much! Also, thank you to all of you who pray for us and pray us through the work of this ministry. We truly could not do it without any of you! We pray the Lord's blessings on each of your lives.


Drifters said...

Todd and Kim we are so happy for you. You do have some really special friend's that God has put in your pathway. It looked so nice!! Glad to hear camp went well and well be praying for you thur the summer programs.

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

What a blessing! It looks great! Thank You, Jesus!

Kim said...


Movers4life said...

I echo that, what an incredible blessing!!!!!!!! It looks awesome!!!!!!!;0)