October 20, 2009

Hard Work

...always pays off.

We recently went to a farm festival at a little town near our home. The boys got in on the tractor pull for kids and had a great time!

They both worked very hard in their division and did their best. Look at the determination in these faces!

There obviously can only be one winner though.

We had an opportunity to learn a good lesson that day. Even though you can't always win, your hard work is worth it because you learn to do your best, you bring glory to God, and you build character. So, they couldn't both win (there were like 26 others in the division too!). One had his hard work build some character.

And one...

Got to take home the prize.

We were very proud of both boys!


Susan said...

Sweet post. Love, love the new look turned out GREAT!!Such hard but valuable lessons!!

Movers4life said...

Great lesson for them, tell Noah and Caleb we are VERY proud of them!!

Annika said...

I found you from a comment you made about Trick or treating on Savvy Little Women. I just wanted to say thank you. Our family feels the same way. I sometimes feel other Christian families think we are too extreme in not letting our children participate. It is nice to know we are not the only ones.