November 13, 2009


Funny thing.

I was recently thinking how I never see frogs around here.

The next thing I know, I am in the basement and my middle man tells me he sees a frog.

I assume he either means one that is not real or one he saw outside, but no, it was indeed a frog our basement

...and we have no idea how it got there.

Now, as I said, we do not see many of these.  So, my boys do not have much frog experience.

The middle man has since developed quite the fascination.

He caught that frog and put it outside for me.  This first time, he did not want to use his hands.

Only days later, another frog shows up.

This time there is no fear of using least for the middle man :)

Oh, and this one, was outside!

This boy is becoming so sweet and tenderhearted.  He had great concern for leaving his new found friend alone outside, to the point of tears over it.  Lately he is brought quickly to tears out of concern for people while watching a movie or reading a book if that person is sad or alone.  I am so thankful to see this tenderness in him as only a year ago we were praying that God would develop that in his heart because we were concerned about the lack of it that we saw.  How wonderful it is to see God work in the heart of your child!

Oh, and frogs are pretty great too!


Drifters said...

Loved the picture's Kim. There use to be so many frog's when we were kid's and the boys would caught them and sale them. Now you hardly see a frog...maybe they are coming back.

Susan said...

Thats pretty funny.Seems like a strange time of year to find a frog!! Praising God with you in seeing God working in the hearts of your children.

shar said...

Yay for frogs. They were always my friends, too, along with earthworms.

I am so glad to see that he is becoming a crier, too. :) There are moments when I feel like maybe I am becoming too thick-skinned, just because you HAVE to be (to a certain degree) in order to work with people. But I had a good cry after work today and realized there is a difference between being thick-skinned and calloused. I am still working on the first one, but heaven forbid I ever become the second! And you know all too well what happens with me and stinkin' animal movies. :)

Anyway, I remember you talking about his lack of tenderness last year, so it's exciting to see how his little heart is changing.

Joy said...

Frogs are great - we've seen quite a few around here, and we're glad you have some, too. Although maybe not in your basement.

It's sweet to hear that he's becoming more tenderhearted. What an amazing qualitiy to grow.

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

I was thinking it was a weird time of year for frogs too! Frogs always make me think of Sandy and her playing with and rolling on them. Maybe it's a good thing you don't have too many, she was STINKY! :D