October 31, 2007

Fun Memories

The last week and a half many fun memories have been made in our home and we wanted to let you in on a few.

Memory #1 - Just a few weeks past his 5th birthday, our big 5 year old learned how to tie his shoes. If you know him, you understand that whatever he does, he does at 100% - from his emotions, to playing, to learning how to do something new. So when he decided on Friday that it was really time to learn to tie his shoes, that is exactly what he did. I showed him and helped him about five times and then he was doing it! These pics are one of the first times he did it on his own. And believe me, he wanted to do it completely on his own. He would ask me every time we tried it, "Did I do it by myself?" If I said I had helped a little, he would rip it out and start over. We went shopping that day, and I kid you not, he probably stopped 50 times to tie his shoes along with tying them the whole hour there and hour home again. He ties them pretty well now.

Memory #2 - The very next day after our shoe tying mania, that same 5 year old lost his first tooth. Again, once he new it was loose he didn't mess around. He wiggled it constantly until it was just hanging there on Saturday night. I told him if he took a kleenex and pulled it would probably come out. So that is what he did and let me tell you he is mighty proud!

Memory #3 - I finally got the little man started on some veggies the other day. His first taste, green beans. As you can see from the photo, he was not too impressed and after several bites was gagging and spitting. I think it will take a few more tries before he embraces the bean!
Memory #4 - The older boys have been begging to make sugar cookies and we finally got around to it on Monday. What a mess, but what a great time we had! They absolutely loved it. I think it was Noah's first time helping and he was pretty into as he didn't even have time to look up at the camera. They helped me cut them all out and then we frosted them and of course, put sprinkles on them. I couldn't get any pictures of the frosting and sprinkling for fear of leaving them alone with it for more than a second!
The thing with the cookies is, I really did not have time to be making those and making a big mess, but I realized I needed to take the time and enjoy it. No matter what is going on, we need to take time for moments like that with our kids and cherish them. I know they will be gone so quickly and I will look around my kitchen wishing for a little boy to make a mess with. Thank you Lord for reminding me to stop and enjoy the moment!


Movers4life said...

Great memories!:) Tell Caleb we said congrats, both are very exciting!!:) Amen, make the most of every moment!:)

Stacie said...

Congrats to Caleb! That's so fun! Way to make time for the important things in life!

shar said...

Oh, poor Lij! I still haven't learned to embrace the bean.