October 20, 2007

A working we will go

Work on the house has been in full swing this weekend. Todd used a friend's backhoe to dig three window wells and has been cutting through the cement into our basement so we can have windows down there for bedrooms. On Friday though he took a break from that and finished putting in all the rest of the windows in our upstairs so now all the new windows in our house are in. He has gotten two of the three basement windows cut, framed and installed so that is very exciting. He has the third one all ready and will finish that this next week. It has all gone pretty well other than getting gassed out of our house. The fumes from the saw were sucked in by the furnace and filled our house. It got so bad the first day I had to leave with the boys. All is well now though. I am so thankful for a husband who is willing and able to take on projects like these. Cutting through the cement is very exhausting work and Todd has done a great job and put in very long hours.

While Todd has been doing the window thing I painted most of our living room and raked around the house. I love how the paint looks ne am anxious to do the last wall. Also, I am going to paint the windows white which I think will look really good against the brown. The boys and I turned raking into a real fun job today. I found a U-clamp and used it to hitch our ATW (All Terrain Wagon) to the back of our lawn mower. Then we would fill the wagon with the leaves and stuff and they would ride on the heap to our dumping spot and back again. At the end of the day we took a ride all the way around our farm. It was a lot of fun.

M y brown paint

Animal pack

Elijah is working hard to catch up with the big bros

The big boys helping Dad dig out window wells

There is a little mud going on here

The hard workin man

M y "work"


Stacie said...

The house looks great! I can't wait to visit sometime and see it in person. Maybe you and the boys want to come work on our yard? It's not as big, but with being on nights I just haven't gotten to it! I thank God every day for Ralph. It means so much to have such a terrific husband. I thank Him for Todd, Chad and Tiffany too! We are all very blessed.

Susan said...

The house looks great!! Can't wait to see it. Boy Todd had a big job to do and did it well, congrats to him. Cute pics of the boys

Movers4life said...

Looks like you all have been working hard:) Hey, your paint looks like the same color as my living room paint:)-luv it! I'm sure you are excited to get it all done!:) Great pics!:)