October 16, 2007

So as I sit down to write I am at a total blank. I took care of my friend's two kids today for most of the day and another friend's little girl for two hours in the middle of that. Although they were all pretty good and it was a good day, I am quite tired out as they were all under the age of 5. On top of it, Todd was gone all day and as I write this after 10pm, he is still gone. A bit of a long day, but I am not complaining, just explaining my writers block.

The big hunters' retreat out at my in-laws was this last weekend. We had a great time out there and the boys got to run around in their camo and even got to go out with Dad a couple times hunting. Needless to say they were flying pretty high over that. Elijah and I stuck around the Lodge and helped with the meals, at least I helped he just entertained everyone with his smile and all that he has to say about life. (I really think that in a few years I won't be getting in a word around here, and I like to talk!) So if you are my friend you may want to call me a few years down the road just to see if I need an outlet for my 10,000 words:)

On a side note, when most kids go somewhere with a friend they are generally picked up in some kind of car, van, SUV - you get the idea. Our world is a little different. Today our eldest was picked up by our good friends and neighbors in a combine (the same friends whose kids I was taking care of). He picked up him and their little boy and away they went to take care of a field near our house. How much better could it get for a kid? :)

We also had a great time this weekend going to hear Steve Saint speak at a missions conference of a church we work with. Steve is the son of Nate Saint who was killed with 4 other missionaries many years ago in Ecuador. We had the privilege of hearing him speak and meeting him a year ago at the STEER conference, so it was a real treat to hear him again. I am now reading his book The Great Omission which talks about where we have gone wrong in missions. He discusses how we need to be training up nationals to reach their own people in their own way rather than making them dependent on people from the outside or trying to westernize them. Should be good.

Elijah figured out right away how to use a cup

He can sit for a few seconds completely on his own, still pretty tippy though

Hear are my future hunters

Combine pickup

And they're off!

Noah was pretty into the twain this afternoon


Stacie said...

Did I ever mention that I think Elijah looks like an elf? Cuz I do. I think he would make the perfect Keebler elf? If he starts making amazing cookies at a very young age, I'd be worried if I were you! ;-)

Movers4life said...

Those are GREAT pics!! Elijah is getting so big!:) Looks like you guys are enjoying your fall!!! I had to laugh at Stacie's post, it is Elijah's big smile!!