November 25, 2008

Day 4 at the Hospital

Sorry for my absence yesterday. I was discharged from the hospital, ran home quick and came back. It ended up being a pretty busy day. The girls are doing really well. Some things go well and then sometimes they have little setbacks, all normal in the life of a premie. KK is working her way off oxygen slowly but surely. She got to have her first feeding today, mostly through a tube but she did take a little bit through a nipple. I think she would have taken more but I was holding her and she had snuggled in and gotten pretty sleepy. Yes, we can hold both girls now but generally they only like to take them out once a day at this point so they don't get too cool. Today I was able to hold them both at the same time which was awesome! Todd was able to hold KK last night but I forgot the camera.
They are both under the lights now as they are jaundice but that is pretty normal too, still a bummer though. KR is still working to learn to digest food. She has generally been able to have food every 6 hours instead of the normal 3, that's a start though. She had a PIC line put in yesterday which took hours. That is a more permanent IV. The idea is that it is more stable and they won't have to keep resticking her thus reducing chance of infection. KK was supposed to get one too but KR's took too long. Now they are waiting to see if she even needs one. If she can digest the food she has started on she won't need an IV as they both had cultures run and neither of them need the antibiotic they were getting through the IV. Hopefully we can just avoid the whole thing with her.
They have both had their eyes open a couple times now so that has been fun to see. Mostly, though they just sleep which is what they need to do right now. The more they rest and grow the better at this point.
I am staying down here and in at the hospital everyday. Todd is staying at home with the boys but will come down most evenings. The boys are so excited so it is hard for them to wait as they can not go see the babies at this point. They have been doing so well at home but it is a lot of transition and chaos, especially with me not being able to be home with them. They have been having fun though, with Dad and their grandpa's and grandma's. Thanks for all your prayers and all the help we ahve received. We appreciate it all so much!

Unfortunatly you can't see the girls too well as they were wrapped up pretty good.
KK today in her little condo.

KR's little ear and hand

KR's feet, on her left leg is the PIC line

KR sunbathing with her shades on. A little jaundice treatment.

The boys visiting while I was in the hospital. They have been troopers!


Drifters said...

Thanks for sharing Kim. We have been praying for Kenzie with the IV and sure would be nice if she doesn't need it. Such a cute picture of the three boys. Sure enjoy all the pictures of the babies since we can't be there!

Movers4life said...

We will continue to pray! I love all the pictures, it seems so weird to see one of your kids as a blonde, how fun is that!:0) The little man seems so old more like a little boy in that pic, I can't believe it!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Wow! They both look great! I am so glad you guys are able to hold them now. I can't imagine placing a PICC line in such little veins!!! It will be so nice for her to have. Thanks for the progress update! We're praying for them and for the rest of you while you wait!

Dawn said...

Thank you sooo much for keeping us updated on the progress. They are darling girls. I can only imagine how excited the boys are to have them home with the family. I will be praying for you and the family for saftey and healing.

Anonymous said...

My name is Kristi... I am Chad and Nikki's Cousin. We have twin girls that are 4.5. Wanted to tell you congratulations and welcome to the roller coaster of NICU and twins. Our girls were born at 33 weeks and spent three weeks in NICU. Amazing to look at them now and see how far they have come. Best of luck as you travel the journey of double feedings... then double smiles and double hugs. Our girls are the best of friends... and so fun to watch them play together. I wish everyone had a twin!
-Kristi Renner

jewlz said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys!! They are beautiful!!

(btw, I am both jewlz and heathjewlz :P, not sure how that happened!)

Love you all!
Julie (Johnson) Beesley

jewlz said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys!! They are beautiful!!

(btw, I am both jewlz and heathjewlz :P, not sure how that happened!)

Love you all!
Julie (Johnson) Beesley