November 29, 2008

We made it a week!

Yesterday was a good day. I had some great friends pick me up and take me out for lunch (to those friends I say I am going to therepy as a result of that lunch!). It was fun to spend some time with friends. Then my sister and brother-in-law came through from Grand Forks and picked me up. We all went out to Todd's parent's house for a post Thanksgiving meal. It was so fun and nice to spend time with Todd and the boys.

The girls had a good day too. I have gotten into a routine with them. If I come every three hours on the right schedule I can change their diapers, feed them through a bottle nipple (if they are awake), and hold them for an hour each. It is great to be involved in their care. KK is off of all air flow and oxygen now, PTL! She had a great day and never dipped her stats so that should be permanent. She also had her feedings increased to 9 cc but neither of them are digesting well at all. They were started on an antibiotic to help stimulate that so I hope to find out today that they are doing better at it. However, they have both gained weight the last couple days. They are each an ounce over their birth weight at 5lbs and 4lbs 2oz. So that news is good too! They still have a ways to go and I know it will be at least another week up there. The last week flew by so hopefully it will continue to.

Please pray for Todd as he contimues to be a one man show. My parents left mid week for my sister's house as she will be having a baby any time now. (We are so excited to hear about that baby!!!) Thanks to my parents for all the help, we so appreciate it! Todd is doing so great with the boys and deserves a medal but it is a lot of work especially since they are a little out of sorts with life being tipped upside down. We are noticing it the most in our middle man so you can pray for that too. His family is here now so that really helps but this next week he will need lots of energy and patience.

Matthew 6:34 talks about not worrying about tomorrow as each day has enough trouble of its own. That is really true as I look at things right now. There is plenty I could figure out to worry about but I think I will just take today and let God work out the details as He is way better at it than me. My doctor asked me when I was in the hospital how I was feeling with having two less than healthy babies. I could honestly tell her that I knew we were not in control of what was going on so it was okay. I have truly had a great deal of peace through it all, which is from the Lord because the planner in me doesn't like unknowns and chaos but here we are.

My little man being hauled around in a blanket by his cousins and brothers, they all had a blast with that
Yes, this would be all the boys who let the two girls give them make-overs
KK without her oxygen tube

Holding KK the day before

KK wide awake to visit with me


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

I am so glad you've been able to find a routine with the girls! I imagine that helps a lot. Mt 6:34 is what I have been meditating on quite a lot over the last couple months. It actually has motivated me to make sure Nugget starts Scripture memorization early! It is so sweet to have verses etched on my heart for the Lord to call up when I need them. Thanks for sharing Mom and Dad with us! It means a lot to have them here. We are praying for you guys many times a day!

Drifters said...

So glad you could spend Thanksgiving with your family. You do have so much to be Thankful for. I'm sure your little boy's do miss you but glad they have their daddy! We are praying for you often. Glad you can spend time with the girl's also. We are praying for them and so glad they are gaining.

Movers4life said...

Glad you were able to go out with your friends!! I will continue to pray for peace of mind for you, and fof Todd as he holds down the fort! What sweet little girls you have!