November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love that God is the sustainer! "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together" Colossians 1:17. I love that. I said that last Friday we had a big surprise and our girls decided to join us. What is awesome is that God was not suprised by their sudden arrival, just like He wasn't surprised when we found out there were two in there. He has known all things all along. He is before all of it and is in control of all of it. Their ups and downs each day are not shocking to Him. I am so glad to have a God like that to love, serve and trust.

I had big plans of posting all these pics last night but was going to do it from Todd's aunt's house where I have been staying. However, I got there and realized she probably didn't have internet access, and I was right. So here is a Thanksgiving treat.

Both girls had a really great day yesterday so that was so nice. KK had her feedings (which she just started on Tues.) doubled and she has been digesting and moving it through every time! Praise the Lord for that. She is still on a little oxygen but that is slowly coming down and they didn't have to increase all day. KR is still not digesting well. She gets every other feeding but they did increase hers too. Her jaunidce is improving but KK's has a little ways to go yet. They both had routine head ultrasounds that they do on the 5th day and they both came up clear. KR gained a little weight but it is too early to say if it is a permanent gain, so we'll have to wait and see.

Todd and the boys came up yesterday afternoon which was great. I need to put a plug in for the NICU nurses. The girls have had AWESOME nurses. They are some of the sweetest people ever! The last two days they had the same gal and she was so great. She heard the boys were coming so she took a bunch of time to get a good pic of each of the girls withough all the wires showing, then she printed three of each of them and put them on paper pumpkins. She wrote their names on them and "Sweet as Pumpkin Pie, My Sisters". She worked to move things around and help me get both girls out and over to the window for the boys to see. Then she gave them a bag with the pumpkins, and Big Brother stickers, and little diapers and hats to see how tiny they are. She was such a blessing to our family, and those that helped her! I am very sorry to say I don't have pics of the boys looking in the window, but I wish you caould have seen those little faces when she lifted the blinds so they could look in. They were standing there with the biggest grins you have ever seen. It was so sweet! Here are some other pics from the day.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

KR hanging out in Daddy's armsKK with her daddy

KK with her pretty hat on

KR snuggling up with a blanket, it was so cute

KR wide awake, I think excited to see her brothers

KK getting her pic taken for big brothers

I love this pic of KR

I left the camera to trade places with Todd and the nurses went crazy with it, I think they took about 10 of them together!

Proud Daddy!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Thanks for such a great update! The girls really are so beautiful and look just like you guys! I wish I could hug your nurse! What a great thing to do for the boys! Happy Thanksgiving!

Drifters said...

Your comments I just want to say Amen to.
What a special nurse to do that for the boys. I'm so glad they got to see their little sister's.
The picture's are great. They are soooo sweet.

Susan said...

PTL for good nurses!! We love nurses (: Wonderful pics, Wonderful God,praising Him with you!So thankful to hear they are making progress each day

Debbie said...

I love to see your updates & all the pictures. It takes special people to work in NICU. It is so nice when they think about the siblings.

Joy said...

Wow, what great nurses, how sweet!

Tracey said...

I can just picture the boys' faces as the blinds were lifted and they saw their sisters for the first time! We keep praying for all of you ... and are thankful for the girls' progress. They are a beautiful gift from God. Looking forward to seeing your whole crew at Christmas. Love you.

Movers4life said...

Thanks for sharing Kim!! What a special nurse, I started crying when I read this post (no shock there;0). We will continue to pray!

Drifters said...

Your comments I just want to say Amen to.
What a special nurse to do that for the boys. I'm so glad they got to see their little sister's.
The picture's are great. They are soooo sweet.