December 4, 2008

All Great News!

I got to the hospital a little later yesterday than normal as I had been home. The girls nurse that they had had them for several days (she is one of my favorites!) met me at the door and gave me all sorts of good news, I think she was excited for them too. They both gained again, I think they were at 4 lbs 8 oz and 5lbs 4oz. KK also got off the light for her jaundice and stayed off it today. They both went up on their feedings and have consistently increased since yesterday morning. THey go up in increments of 3 cc's. KK will be at 27 by later today and KR will be at 24 I think. Once they get to 30 that will be a full ounce. They also both lowered the temp in their houses yesterday and KK today too. They are both 1 degree away from where they need to be which is 30.5 C. So they will slowly lowere that too over the next couple days. Their cords have finally come off too which is nice. I had a good laugh yesterday several times as the cords were just hanging and it was totally grossing their nurse out. That is so funny to me with all the things she has to do. She was holding a suppository (sp?) in KK and was fine with that but freaking out at the same time about the cord. That is funny!! Overall the doctor today said they look great and the nurse agreed it wouldn't be long. However, not long incomparison to what is the question to keep in mind. They both said something about us being here next week. There is no way they will go home before next week sometime. I would guess it will be at least mid-week next week, maybe longer. I am totally guessing though.

I am off tonight to my big man's Christmas program. He is so excited about it! He told me that he was so excited about it that he kept dreaming about it. It has been nice for him to have fun things to look forward to. The other boys are doing well too.

I had a great birthday yesterday too. I decided that the cafeteria must have known that is was my birthday because they had Indian Tacos and Cherry Cobbler! I was pretty much in heaven. I also was holding both girls when they were wide awake (which has never happened) it was such a treat and I had to think, it really can't get much better. There are pics of that below. I also was able to have supper with a good friend and it was so much fun! I only we wish we lived in the same town all the time because we always have such a good time. She brought me a Christmas bowl several of my favorite kinds of candy in it, that was a real treat too!

Well I am off to see those sweet little girls again. I have gotten such a kick out of the nurses here. They now argue to get to take care of our girls. Yesterday two of them were talking and the one said to the other, "well you won the twins." Then I was talking to their nurse today about a nurse that had taken care of the girls for a number of days but had been off for a few days now. Their nurse told me that the other one would be on this evening but wouldn't be happy because the twins were already taken. I am not sure if is because of the girls, or because I make it easier because I like to do a lot of their care or a combination of reasons. Doens't matter though, whoever it is I always have a good time visiting with them.

KK on left, KR on right

You can see they are starting to fill out more now

KK before I got here sister out to join her


shar said...


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

What a great day! I am so happy for you!!! I may be crazy but I think both girls really look like Caleb esp. KR. I am so glad you have such great nurses. We LOVED our labor nurses and had OK postpartum ones (Ralph and Mom really didn't like one of them but I didn't think she was that bad). :-p Thanks for keeping us updated--I need to follow your example. :-D

Joy said...

They both look SO like their siblings! I am looking forward to watching them grow and change and develop their own little girl personalities.

Drifters said...

Looking at those picture's there I sure see Caleb and Elizah. They are both looking older and so sweet. Wish we were there to take a turn in holding them!

Debbie said...

The girls are so cute. It is so fun to be able to stay updated on their progress. I am sure that will become harder once they are at home as you will be a lot busier.

Movers4life said...

LOVE the pics, how fun to have them both awake!! I can't wait to be ablt to hold them, they are looking so much older now!:0) We'll keep praying!:0)

Joy said...

They both look SO like their siblings! I am looking forward to watching them grow and change and develop their own little girl personalities.