December 8, 2008


Okay, so the bad news is my camera broke and we had a busy weekend so I haven't posted updates for a few days. The good news is I got a new camera and took a bunch of great pics. The bad news is I forgot the cord at the place where I am staying and so will have to wait till tomorrow to post pics. Sorry!

The girls have progressed a lot since I last posted. They both got rid of their PICC lines now and the tubes in their noses are gone. Those were used to check what was in their stomachs and to feed them earlier on. They have both been gaining weight and are around 5lbs 10oz (KK) and 4lbs 13oz (KR). They also have gone to unrestricted feedings, meaning they can eat as much as they want which has been around 2 oz. They also do not have to eat every 3 hours, they can go longer if they want to.

However, they are still in their little houses because they need to hold their own body temperature better. They are very close to moving into open cribs but not quite there yet. Again, once in the open crib they have to maintain their temps while eating well and gaining weight. This process can take a little while because sometimes they lose wieght due to having to work harder to keep their temps up. So that is really the last big hurdle they have to overcome. They are definitely filling out so that is fun to see. KK has super cute little dimples.

It looks like we will definitely be in here all of this week and then I am really not sure from there. It would be really nice to be home after that but time will tell. Todd and the boys are doing well. We all stayed in a hotel down here on Sat night so the boys got to swim a bunch, they loved that. Tomorrow night I will go home and take care of the while Todd goes to a CEF Christmas party we are having at the Dakota Rose Bed and Breakfast. It will be nice to be home for a night again. Thank you again for all the prayers for the girls and our family. We praise the Lord for such great family and friends!

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Movers4life said...

What a great update!! I am so glad you were able to stay at the hotel for night, I'm sure it was fun to be able to be together for the day/night. We'll keep praying those girls home, and especially for the fam!! I am sure it is probably starting to take a toll being split up! Luv ya, keep those updates comin'!;0)