December 5, 2008

Growing Girls

We are really cruising now! Both the girls are still gaining weight. KK is 5lbs 7oz and KR is 4lbs 9oz. They look fuller in the face and even their little fingers look thicker. KR still loks much smaller than her sister but they are still about the same weight and height difference as when they were born. KK is up to full ounce feedings now and KR is right behind her by 3 cc's so her next move up will be to a full ounce. They are also both off of their lights for jaundice now and hopefully will stay that way. KR does have a heart murmur that was brought up once before. Today or tomorrow they will do an ultrasound to check that out a little better. There are two reasons that frequently happens in premies and is not a big deal, so hopefully it will turn out that way with her. We will find out soon. They will probably be off their IV's tomorrow so that is very exciting too. The next thing will be to contorl their temp a little better and get moved to the open cirbs.

KR snoozing after downing her big feeding
KK, the little stinker was a wide awake as soon as I put her back in her little condo

KR having her bottle this morning, she takes it very fast till right at the end when she gets sleepy

Feeding KR


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Love it! Keep the updates coming! Glad to see them growing and doing so well.

Drifters said...

They are looking older. Didn't know KR had a heart mummer. We will pray it won't be anything serious. Look's like it won't be long and you well be able to take them home.

Sarah Gillund said...

They're so precious! congrats again. I love the blog updates. I've been praying for your family. I look forward to meeting the girls. =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics of the girls. Happy to hear about their progress. I'll be praying for strength for both you and Todd this week.


Movers4life said...

Great pics, they have such sweet little faces!:0) I am so glad they are making such big improvements!