July 12, 2009

Camping in MN

The fourth of July is always a difficult holiday for our family. We like to do something different every year and not typical of how we spent it in the past. Pretty much every year we end up camping in a different location. We have found that it is nice to go to state parks because there is no partying and no fireworks, which is really great for Todd and I. This year we went to Itasca State Park in MN. It turned out my younger sister and her fam were planning on camping there around that time anyway so we planned it together.

Before heading to camp I was able to spend a few days at my mom and dad's place and then Todd met up with us at the state park on the weekend. It was so great to spend time with my mom and Dad, my brother and his fam, and much extended family. We had tons of fun there, the only problem was that it went way too fast!

We also had an awesome time camping. I love doing things over the fourth where we stay very active and busy and I have little down time to think too much. There are far too many difficult memories from that time that don't do me any good to relive. My parents, my brother and his fam, and Todd's sister and her kids all joined us for a fun time at the park on the fourth. Then the next day my parents and grandparents joined us for an afternoon and evening of fun.

Overall, we did a lot of biking, playing in the water, playing baseball, and just hanging out. Here are some pics to highlight our time.

This is KR with two of her cousins at my parent's house

This is my little man with my sister's boy who is close to the same age. They always have fun together.

The middle man at the headwaters of the Mississippi

This is when Todd caught up with us on Saturday. I had some pretty excited boys!

My dad crossing the Mississippi with some of the grandkids

We made a tent on the beach for the babies one day to get them out of the heat.

Todd and the boys playing in the water

My younger sister and I at the beach

The babies (KK, KR) in the bike trailer

Here was part of the trail we biked on

The MN state flower, the pink lady slipper

Standing in the Mississippi

The big man and his cousin

My sister and her husband were telling us about these young guys they saw scaling this whole play structure without touching the ground. We, of course, thought we should do it too so...we did. Here is my sister on one part of it

Here is me on another. Can't turn down a good physical challenge!

Me, hot and sweaty at the end of it with my middle man

One afternoon Todd and my brother-in-law took the older three boys to the 100 foot fire tower. This is not my thing, or my sister's so we gladly stayed back while the little ones took a nap. Here are the boys at the top.

The tower

The little man down at the lake by our campsite

The big man playing in the water

There wer a ton of dead crawfish which absolutely fascinated the boys

The whole fam

Our last night camping


Susan said...

So fun GREAT memories for all!!

Movers4life said...

We were so happy that it worked out that we were both going to be at Itasca aroud the same time! I am happy that you were able to stay busy and somewhat distracted at times! It was a blast and such fun memories were made (not to mention our egos boosted by scaling the playground, those young wipper snappers have nothin' on us;0)! Love the pics!!

Dawn said...

What fun and wonderful memories. Fun for me to see even though we can never be there. Thanks

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Looks like fun! So glad you guys could stay busy and have fun!

Kate said...

Hey Kim - Joy just told me that you blog too so I thought I'd stop by. Brandon said he had a good time at the golf classic. I would have come too if I hadn't spent the entire day in my yard that day.

Drifters said...

Such fun picture's. The one with the girl's in the bike cage was so adorable. The boys are growing up way too fast!