January 15, 2010

They don't stay little forever...

...which is kind of sad at times

but it is also always exciting to watch the changes

no matter what age, kids are so fun!

These girls are up to all sorts of new tricks

They love to climb and get a kick out of little chairs

I have seen KK take the mothering role to her "little" sister giving her her nuk or bottle when she is crying

Very Cute!

They ride around in big seats now

Their new favorite activity is to play peek-a-boo with each other and the giggle and giggle

KK has now completely given up crawling and is a walking maniac

KR...well she is getting there :)


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

They are so cute! Love those smiles! It's so fun seeing Nugget pick up new skills each day--you're right they are getting big so fast!

Drifters said...

Really enjoyed the picture's. Loved the one where KK was trying to comfort KR. We are anxious to get home and see all of you!

sharbear said...

Yummy babies!

Coreen Berube said...

WOW!!! Where did this year go? So fun to raise girls with you now!! Wish we could have more playdates.....love the pics you posted!

Susan said...

The pics are super cute! They are growing and changing soooo fast!!

Lindsey said...

The girls are so cute! This is such a fun age (even when they get into everything!!)

Kate said...

I love that pic of the girls laughing in their little seats. That is too funny.